Me. An Autobiography.

It started pretty early on. There were things I wanted to accomplish. First thing, I knew I wanted to marry young and start a family. So I did. In 2006 I married a babe. She had amazingly vibrant red hair. How could I resist? A couple years later, we made a baby, then we made some more.

The part of this story that has some sort of relevance is that it wasn’t long after baby number two that I decided waiting tables wasn’t going to cut it. So I went back to school. I enrolled at George Mason University, and found a love for writing. I got my degree in communication, with a minor in journalism.

I have always had a love for film. 7 years back, I decided to really go for it. So I did. I now have most things in life a guy could want. A babe of a wife, three amazing kids, and a degree. But there are things I still run after. Using my experience in writing, as well as film, I want to make a career out of telling stories both on page, and in motion. So I press on. There are still things I want to accomplish.

Simon Cook

Dad, Husband, CEO, Simon Cook Films